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TM Formula 8 (F8) Car Bag (for 1/8 cars)

TM Formula 8 (F8) Car Bag (for 1/8 cars)

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Brand: Team Magic
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Team Magic is the first company releasing a true R/C car bag.The bag has particular space for car, tools, setup board & connecting other bags.You can keep every item in it’s position.No need to put everything in the same drawer.In addition, it is also very easy to tow the bag around the track as a cool handle & smooth trolley wheels are used.However, the only problem is that the bag was for 1/10 touring car only.To fulfill 1/8 car owners’ needs, Team Magic designers have working hard to release a 1/8 bag with more new & cool functions.Now, here you are—The All New F8 Car Bag.
- Fits most 1/8 on-road & off-road cars
- Bag Dimension (LxWxH): 55x35x59cm
- Parts Box Inner Dimension: 49x10x6cm (1pcs)
- Medium Box Inner Dimension: 33x23.5x11cm (4pcs)
- Large Box Inner Dimension: 49x33x19.5cm (1pcs)
  Features :
- Muti-space for different purposes
- Other TM bags can be attached
- Smart designs everywhere
- Stylish design
1. Space for different items
Most professional drivers have lots of accessories to carry when they go racing. It’s not easy to find the needed stuff if it is not stored in a particular position. You may need to take everything out before you find the items you need. To solve this problem, Team Magic designers survey how racers store their cars & accessories. After months’ hard working, Team Magic released the first ever true R/C 1/10 touring car bag. Every 1/10 car racers are happy with the release of this cool bag as they can easily find the stuff they need now. After having this cool 1/10 touring car bag in the market, many 1/8 car racers are asking “when will TM have a 1/8 car bag for us?” To further fulfill 1/8 car owners’ requests, TM designers not only use the original designs on the F8 car bag, but also input more good ideas to make it even better.Below we can find it’s storage capabilities :

(Large capacity cardboard drawers)
a.Adequate height to reach tools
Let’s start from top part. To open the top cover, you will need to remove the buckle of top strap first & attach it to the other side. Then, detach the Velcro & unzip the top cover. After opening the top cover of the F8 bag, you can find there is a tool caddy with 20 slots for you to keep tools organized. Tools are securely held by elastic straps. When you sit in pit area, just put F8 bag on the ground & you can easily reach the tools. Also, as the tool caddy is attached to the bag with Velcro, you can also remove the tool caddy & put it on the table for easy access.

(Adequate height to reach tools)
b.Convenient parts box
When you are doing pit job, normally you will need some places to store the parts or any removed assembly. If you don’t place them well, some items may disappear. To prevent any unwanted mistakes, TM put a rectangular box on the top of the F8 bag for you to store the parts. This box is also removable & you can put it on the pit table for easy access.

(Simple, but good & convenient)
c.Multiple drawers
There are totally 5 dark grey drawers available for you to store your car & accessories. To use these drawers, please unzip the side zippers first & finely scroll the front cover. There are Velcro straps for you to attach the front cover to the upper part after you make them as a roll. This way you can keep tool caddy & drawers working at the same time. The top 4 drawers are of the same size. They are good for you to store valuable accessories & parts. Even professional drivers find the bag is quite enough for them to store most of their stuff. The lowest drawer is specially designed for most popular 1/8 on-road & off-road cars in the market. You will find that you car can rest inside very well. As there are enough drawers available, you can put clean & dirty items in different drawers. No need to worry about mess everywhere. In addition, the dark grey color is easy to maintain & dust-free. You can easily clean the cardboard boxes. No need to worry about getting stained by oil or dirt.

(Smart design to hold the strap)
d.Multi-purpose pockets
At the back side of the F8 car bag, there is a large pocket specially designed for TM setup boards, no matter it is 1/10 or 1/8 size board. Sometimes, a big setup board becomes annoying when you cannot find the place to store them. TM car bags complete solve this problem. On the left side, one long pocket with Velcro strap is good for racers to put setup system here. There are reflection straps on the setup board pocket & left side pocket. When you tow the bag, people can easily see you. At the right side of the bag, two expandable zipper pockets give you extra storage room. Some spare parts can be placed here. Do you need more pockets? I don’t think so.

Pocket for setup board
Pocket good for setup system
  Two side zipper pockets
2. Link with other TM bags
Team Magic is also the first company to introduce all-bags-in-one concept. There is one Velcro strap on each side of the car bag allows you to attach TM transmitter bag & starter bag. It’s easy to carry all the bags to the race track now as actually you only need to tow one bag now.
3. Full of smart designs
To make the F8 bag the leader in the market, Team Magic also adds lots of smart ideas on the bag.They are not only eye-catching, but also very functional.Let’s see how do they work.
a.Human engineering handle
The shape of F8 handle is arc-shaped design.It is very easy to tow & working good when carrying heavy stuff.Save you lots of energy.The mono handle body design is also the main factor why it works better than other handles in the market.The handle is fully extendable & retractable.When in use, you get a long enough length.When you sit in the pit, the handle is fully inside the bag.In addition, its appearance is very attractive. Most racers love it when they first see the handle.

(Energy saving handle)

(Unique material for top cover)
b.Smart carrying strap
The carrying strap is good for hand carry & shoulder carry. The length is adjustable. For comfortable touch & grip, there is a fine padded grip on the strap. There is an elegant TM logo on the grip. The 3 position strap design also makes the carrying job easier. The bag can keep balanced based on this design. When you are going to open the top cover, just remove the strap buckle & plug the male side buckle to the other female side buckle. No need to worry about the strap falling on the ground & get dirty.

c.Hard wearing top cover & bottom
The material used for the top cover & bottom side is a special material. It wears very well & doesn’t get damaged no matter what items you put on it. In addition, the material offers very good grip. When you put parts above the top cover, you don’t need to worry about the items moving around. The dark color is also very easy to maintain & clean.

Strong H shape design
The overall bag structure is like H shape with many strong & lightweight plates inside. With this structure, we are sure that F8 bag is the strongest car bag in the market. As it is very strong, you can put heavy stuff inside & don’t need to worry about it’s force-bearing ability.
Special TM zipper
You may have noticed that we use special zipper on some of our bags—zipper with TM logo on it.This helps racers to identify the bag easily.In addition, it’s easier to unzip as it is slightly larger & you can hold it easily. The special part is that the TM zipper has “parking” function.When you zip the bag open or close, it works very smooth. If you want to “park” it, you just need to lay the TM zipper back (with logo facing outside).It prevents the bag from opening.
Smooth movement
There are two large wheels at the bottom side of the bag. These two wheels help the bag to move easily. They are positioned as wide as possible to balance the overall weight. The bag won’t lean to one side easily. In addition, the wheels are hidden inside the bag for better appearance.
4. A bag with style  
F8 represents the newest concept of TM design team. You can easily find the cool “F8” logo on the bag. “F” stands for formula & “8” stands for 1/8 size. Designed by Mizar—our design team. Grey, Black & orange colors are subtly used to construct the appearance of the bag. We believe it’s very eye-catching & you can easily recognize the bag. The color & material combination is not only good for look, but also functional. It doesn’t get dirty easily & it is slightly waterproof. On the front side, printed orange TM logo & small Team Magic tag are only for TM fans to show their racing mates

Team Magic designers have spent a long time on the design of F8 bag. They try their best to put all the good features on the bag. With this special car bag, you will find it’s a pleasure to use it & show it around because every part you can imagine is well taken care of.

(Cool “F8” logo on the bag)